Accessories Online Shop: Home decor, Objects for children, Silver icons, Picture frames, Watch straps, Leather goods and Precious pens

Accessories online shop: home decor, objects for children, silver icons, picture frames, watch straps, leather goods and precious pens.

The collection includes objects for children with silver elements.

Even the pitcure frames have an infinity of unique and elegant styles. The attention to detail makes them true objects of art.

In addition, a wide range of silver icons to hang and stand is also available. The works depicted are mainly the Holy Family, Motherhood, Christ and the Angels.

The home decor collection are made of precious materials, characterized by exclusive design. This makes them objects so unique that they wear your house in an exlucisive way.

Unmistakable, however, is the style of the Everest watch straps for Rolex. They are available in different materials and colors, as well as for Rolex type. And the Winchester The Original straps are very rare, so much so that they are almost a museum piece!

In addition, a wide range of leather goods are also available, decorated with stainless steel, gold or sterling silver elements. These elements underline its elegance and value.

Lastly, the precious pens are of various types: ethergraph, pencils, ballpoint pens, roller pens, fountain pens.