Automatic Infije Watch with Marine Bronze Case col. Blue

Automatic Infije Watch with Marine Bronze Case col. Blue


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Infije Automatic Watch with Marine Bronze Case colour Blue

Infije: unique jewels exclusively for the pavan jewelery.

Every item exists in only one example.

Ancient material such as the humanity history, bronze is a corrosion-resistant metal alloy, which naturally develops a unique patina over time. It is widely used in the construction of ships, to manufacture portholes, bells, metal seals and nautical instruments. Of difficult processing, having this beautiful and changeable alloy on the wrist that can have different colors, is a refinement for connoisseurs. The use of bronze enhances the nautical aspect of the watch and the different shades of color that are created according to the conditions of use, make each piece a unique piece.

Infije automatic watch with blue cut leather strap and round Marine bronze case. The blue dial is analog with a date at 3 o'clock. Water resistant up to 100m.

It starts with the search of the stone and its cutting. The Infije Brand was born from here, from the earth, from naturalness, from uniqueness.

In the goldsmith's workshops is then studied the jewelery and the best way to enhance the raw material.

Andrea and Laura Pavan, brothers and children of art, deal with the research of stones and the use of cuts for recreate peculiar characteristics that make each product exclusive.

Each jewel hides its own story inspired by the gem, the undisputed protagonist, which influences the shape of the jewel itself.

Literally Infinite Jewels, the Infije brand creates a new concept of luxury, no more ostentation and excess but sensitivity and elegance.

Out of the chorus, out of the wake of the big brands, unique jewels, just like each of us.

Made in Monza since 2015

The product is brand new and will be shipped with its 2-years warranty.

Gioielleria Pavan guarantees the authenticity of all products on sale and the highest quality of all materials used in manifacturing.