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    • Pininfarina Napkin Forever Prima Ethergraf
    • 39,00 35,10

      Pininfarina Napkin Forever Prima Ethergraf is the specimen that brought the Forever Made in Italy line to life. Limitless like a pencil and unique like only a design object can be, it is a indelible pencil made of anodized aluminum with a tip in Ethergraf alloy.

      First of all, nine versions of this model are available:

      1. Pininfarina Napkin Forever Prima Ethergraf Electric Blue NPKRE01510, electric blue color.
      2. Pininfarina Napkin Forever Prima Ethergraf Bronze NPKRE01566, bronze color.
      3. Pininfarina Napkin Forever Prima Ethergraf Silver NPKRE01565, grey color.
      4. Pininfarina Napkin Forever Prima Ethergraf Titanium NPKRE01567, dark grey color.
      5. Pininfarina Napkin Forever Prima Ethergraf Black NPKRE01502, black color.
      6. Pininfarina Napkin Forever Prima Ethergraf Gold NPKRE01570, palladium gold color.
      7. Pininfarina Napkin Forever Prima Ethergraf Copper NPKRE01569, copper color.
      8. Pininfarina Napkin Forever Prima Ethergraf Red NPKRE01509, red color.
      9. Pininfarina Napkin Forever Prima Ethergraf Rust NPKRE01568, rust color.
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    • Garmin Fēnix 5 Plus 010-01988-03 GPS Sports Watch
    • 1.099,99

      Garmin Fēnix 5 Plus 010-01988-03 GPS Sports Watch has a titanium grey bracelet.

      First of all, the Garmin Fēnix 5 Plus 010-01988-03 GPS Sports Watch technical specifications are as follows:

      • Premium multisport GPS smartwatch, with wrist heart rate technology and colour TopoActive Europe maps, featuring Trendline popularity routing to help you find and follow the best paths
      • Fit for adventure with rugged design that features stainless steel or diamond-like carbon (DLC) titanium bezel, buttons and rear case
      • Enjoy your favourite music from your watch, wirelessly connected with Bluetooth® headphones (sold separately) for phone-free listening
      • Garmin Pay ready. The contactless payment solution lets you make convenient payments with your watch, so you can leave your cash and cards at home
      • Built-in navigation sensors include three-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter as well as multisatellite (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) capability to track in more challenging environments than GPS alone
      • Battery performance: up to 12 days in smartwatch mode and 8 hours in GPS mode with music (depending on settings).
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    • Pininfarina Cambiano Classic Ethergraf
    • 89,1099,00

      Pininfarina Cambiano Classic Ethergraf is an indelible pencil with aluminum body and inserts in national walnut wood, and with the Ethergraf tip of Napkin, patented Made in Italy.

      Seven versions of this model are available:

      1. Aluminum: Pininfarina Cambiano Classic Ethergraf Aluminum NPKRE01511.
      2. Stealth with Soft Touch treatment: Pininfarina Cambiano Classic Ethergraf Stealth NPKRE01582.
      3. Copper: Pininfarina Cambiano Classic Ethergraf Copper NPKRE01523.
      4. Lucid Black: Pininfarina Cambiano Classic EthergrafLucid Black NPKRE01512.
      5. Matte Black: Pininfarina Cambiano Classic Ethergraf Matte Black NPKRE01515.
      6. Cedar: Pininfarina Cambiano Classic Ethergraf Cedar NPKRE01534, special edition created with inserts in fragrant cedar wood and cedar wood box with display function.
      7. Carbon Fiber: Pininfarina Cambiano Classic Ethergraf Carbon Fiber NPKRE01530.
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    • Lexon Flip Travel Alarm Clocks
    • 46,00 43,00
      Lexon Flip Travel Alarm Clock can be switched on or off by simply turning it around. The large letters on the upper or bottom side clearly show which mode is currently active. At the same time, the display serves as a touchpad, which lights up with just one touch. Also, the alarm clock offers a snooze function. Additionally, the FLIP Travel is exclusively powered by 2 x AAA batteries. Lastly, the movement is quartz.
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