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    • Gingko Radio Click Clock
    • 89,00 VAT inlcuded

      Gingko Radio Click Clock has on screen LED clock, FM frequency display or alarm time’s floating appearance.

      Five colors of Gingko Radio Click Clock are available: 1. Gingko Aluminium Radio Click Clock ref. GK16W6, grey aluminium color; 2. Gingko Ash Radio Click Clock ref. GK16G12, ash color; 3. Gingko Leatherette Radio Click Clock ref. GK16R16, red color; 4. Gingko Maple Radio Click Clock ref. GK16Y18, maple color; 5. Gingko Marble Radio Click Clock ref. GK16W5, marble color.

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    • Gingko Smart BookLight
    • 45,0089,50 VAT inlcuded

      Gingko Smart BookLight is is a lamp so refined that it looks like a perfect artwork for every home.

      First of all, the lamp is wireless with in-built rechargeable battery, and opens to full 360 degrees with cleverly concealed magnets.

      Lastly, two colors and two sizes of Gingko Smart BookLight are available:

      1. maple color with dimensions of 90 x 122 x 25 millimetres, Mini Maple Smart BookLight, ref. GK12W3;
      2. walnut color with dimensions of 90 x 122 x 25 millimetres, Mini Walnut Smart BookLightref. GK12W8;
      3. maple color with dimensions of 170 x 215 x 25 millimetres, Large Maple Smart BookLight, ref. GK12W2;
      4. walnut color with dimensions of 170 x 215 x 25 millimetres, Large Walnut Smart BookLightref. GK12W21.

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    • Gingko Octagon One Desk Lamps
    • 89,50 VAT inlcuded

      Gingko Octagon One Desk Lamp is the wireless lamp, with in-built rechargeable battery and touch control button on the wood base, which allows you to adjust the level of power and brightness.

      Lastly, six colors of Gingko Octagon One Desk Lamp are available:

      1. maple colorGingko Octagon One Desk Lamp Maple, ref. GK11M18;
      2. white colorGingko Octagon One Desk Lamp Whiteref. GK11W13;
      3. ash colorGingko Octagon One Desk Lamp Ash, ref. GK11A12;
      4. marble colorGingko Octagon One Desk Lamp Marbleref. GK11W15;
      5. walnut colorGingko Octagon One Desk Lamp Walnut, ref. GK11W8;
      6. black colorGingko Octagon One Desk Lamp Black, ref. GK11B10.
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