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    • Gingko Halo One GK28HO Bluetooth/NFC Speaker
    • 199,00

      Gingko Halo One GK28HO Bluetooth/NFC Speaker is an original, modern and breathtaking new designed Bluetooth/NFC speaker from Gingko.

      First of all, the aesthetically and fashionably shaped sound box reveals sexy curves and wood texture and delivers smooth sense of touch and phenomenal audio quality.

      Lastly, Gingko Halo One GK28HO Bluetooth/NFC Speaker meets people’s desire for adding an unusual, inspiring, and aesthetic table art  in their living or working space, as well as seriously improving their listening experience.

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    • Gingko Edge Light Alarm Clock, in pink, green, grey and white
    • 49,50

      Gingko Edge Light Alarm Clock, inspired from the cutting edge of bamboo, is a smart and stylish space saving way to have a clock and a light at the same time either on your bedside or office table, or even simply a nice travel light and clock.

      First of all, four colors of Gingko Edge Light Alarm Clock are available: 1. Gingko Edge Light Alarm Clock ref. G001WT, white color; 2. Gingko Edge Light Alarm Clock ref. G001GY, grey color; 3. Gingko Edge Light Alarm Clock ref. G001PK, pink color; 4. Gingko Edge Light Alarm Clock ref. G001GN, green color.

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    • Gingko Octagon One Desk Lamps
    • 89,50

      Gingko Octagon One Desk Lamp is the wireless lamp, with in-built rechargeable battery and touch control button on the wood base, which allows you to adjust the level of power and brightness.

      Lastly, six colors of Gingko Octagon One Desk Lamp are available:

      1. maple colorGingko Octagon One Desk Lamp Maple, ref. GK11M18;
      2. white colorGingko Octagon One Desk Lamp Whiteref. GK11W13;
      3. ash colorGingko Octagon One Desk Lamp Ash, ref. GK11A12;
      4. marble colorGingko Octagon One Desk Lamp Marbleref. GK11W15;
      5. walnut colorGingko Octagon One Desk Lamp Walnut, ref. GK11W8;
      6. black colorGingko Octagon One Desk Lamp Black, ref. GK11B10.
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