Silver Nipple Shields

Prevent cracked nipples and infections with natural methods

In case of rhagades on the mother’s nipples because of the baby suckling, it is possible to eliminate very quickly this irritation whitout healing products thanks to these silver nipple shields.

In fact, we can proudly say that they are the quickest and most effective solution to heal cracked nipples. They can also be used as natural nipple prevention and disinfection.

Buy your silver nipple shields and we’ll give you the engraving free! Whether it is a symbol or the name of your child, we will engrave it for you.


Why to use silver nipple shields

These silver nipple shields are really very suitable to heal the rhagades thanks to their antibacterial and healing qualities.

They are much better than the usual disposable nipple shields in silicone because safer, cleaner and devoid of nickel to avoid allergies.


How to use the silver nipple shields

One week before the birth or during the first days of suckling they are usable directly on the mother’s skin after a quick cleaning in soapy water to repeat each time after use.


– Perfect hygiene
The silver nipple shields are made of 925/1000 sterling silver which has natural antibiotic, antibacterial with cicatrizing properties.

– They prevent cracked nipples and infections
The cracked nipples can rise up during breastfeeding and become infected causing pain.

– Fast benefits
The antibacterial and healing properties of silver give instant relief by improving the situation within 1-2 days of application.

– They have no contraindications
They are free of nickel and allergenic metals.

– Fast cleaning and maintenance
Just wash them after every lactation with water and neutral soap.