Italian Silverware Online Shop

Italian silverware online shop: cutlery, pitcure frames, nipple shields, icons, silver objects, silver services and silver objects for children.

First of all, the cutlery is made of refined materials with a sophisticated design that match the flavor of the table and Italian cuisine.

Even the pitcure frames have an infinity of unique and elegant styles. The attention to detail makes them true objects of art.

Exclusive are the nipple shields, made of 925/1000 silver, because they have natural antibiotic, antibacterial with cicatrizing properties.

In addition, a wide range of silver icons to hang and stand is also available. The works depicted are mainly the Holy Family, Motherhood, Christ and the Angels.

Unmistakable, instead, is the style of the services in silver, characterized by the purity of lines and volumes, and the silver objects, with elegant design, from the most classic to the most modern and functional.

Lastly, the collection also includes objects for children with silver elements.

Exclusive items but, above all, ideal as a gift for any occasions!

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