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Silver nipple shields online shop.

Thanks to the properties of silver, the silver nipple shields have antibiotics, antibacterial and cicatrizing properties. First of all, they always ensure perfect hygiene; secondly, they help the cicatrization of the fissures; and, finally, guarantee the prevention of fissures and infections.

In addition, you can customize the silver nipple shields with pantograph engravings with diamond, by hand with burin and laser. Contact us to choose your engraving!

In addition, the antibacterial and healing properties of silver give instant relief by improving the situation within 1-2 days of application.

Beyond that, the silver nipple shields have absolutely no contraindications. And, also, they are free of nickel and allergenic metals.

Furthermore, the silver nipple shields require very little time for cleaning and maintenance. Just wash them after every lactation with water and neutral soap, and then dry them with a cotton cloth.

Lastly, the silver nipple shields are ideal as a gift for every new mother struggling with the initial stages of breastfeeding.
They can also be a valid support for those who decide to continue with prolonged breastfeeding.

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    • 925/1000 Silver Nipple Shields
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      925/1000 Silver Nipple Shields have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. For these reasons, they garantee proper hygiene, healing for sore and cracked nipples, and prevention of cracked nipples and infection. Buy your silver paracapezzoli and we'll give you free the engraving. Whether it is a symbol or the name of your child, we will engrave it for you!
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