We describe and take pictures of every single repairing operation.
We send confirmations by sms for the estimates and repairs done.

Our customers can check the details of their repair.

We repair every different type of watches and clocks, from vintage pocket models to luxury models.

Our laboratory repairs and creates jewellery on customers design.

We repair and polish silverware.

Engraving is another of our specialties, personalizing a gift is always a pleasant thought, we do it with maximum security and speed.

We can engrave on gifts companie’s logos very quickly by laser.

We estimate precious stones providing a legal certificate.

We value precious stones and gems in safe boxes on behalf of notaries and lawyers.

We hydrate pearls, polish hard stones and repair necklaces.

Gioielleria Pavan After 45 years of competence, seriousness and honesty, we represent for our beloved customers not only simple shop keepers, but real friends..