Cesa 1882 Windsor English Silver 87-Pieces Cutlery Set

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Cesa 1882 Windsor English silver 87-pieces cutlery set includes:

  • 36 pce table cutlery set;
  • 36 pce fruit cutlery set;
  • 12 pce teaspoons cutlery set;
  • 3 pce serving cutlery set, that means 1 ladle, 1 legumes tablespoon and 1 legumes fork. 

Furthermore, the set includes the cutlery bags for 87 pieces.

Moreover, the total weight of the set is 6,005 kilograms. Not only that, the weight of the table and fruit knives is inclusive of the steel blades.

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Cesa 1882 Windsor English Silver 87-Pieces Cutlery Set

Cesa 1882 Windsor English silver 87-Pieces Cutlery Set.

First of all, the 36 pce table cutlery set includes:

  • 12 table knives, weighing 101 grams and 25 centimeters long;
  • 12 table forks, weighing 71.50 grams and 21 centimeters long;
  • 12 table spoons, weighing 80 grams and 20.5 centimeters long.In addition, the 36 pce fruit cutlery set counts:
  • 12 fruit spoons, weighing 48 grams and 17.5 centimeters long;
  • 12 fruit forks, weighing 54 grams and 21 centimeters long;
  • 12 fruit knives, weighing 78 grams and 21 centimeters long.

The 12 pce teaspoons cutlery set includes heavy medium teaspoons, each weighing 27 grams and 12.5 centimeters long.

The 3 pce serving cutlery set includes:

  • 1 ladle, weighing 249 grams and 30.5 centimeters long;
  • 1 legumes tablespoon, weighing 123 grams and 24 centimeters long;
  • 1 legumes fork, weighing 117 grams and 24 centimeters long. 

Furthermore, the set includes the cutlery bags for 87 pieces.

Moreover, the total weight of the set is 6,005 kilograms. Not only that, the weight of the table and fruit knives is inclusive of the steel blades.

The mistery of semplicity, as expressed by classical and sinuous lines in Windsor cutlery collection, is easily revealed: the are ever-new and inviting.
They sparkle with the elegance and charm of lights, of shapes and of proportions recalling 18th century art in England, where a tipically contemporary taste for minimalism meets with functionality in a perfect balance.
The harmonious profiles distinguishing these pieces are further enhanced by Cesa 1882’s meticulous artisan manufacturing.

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Cesa 1882

Cesa 1882, the silver that makes you dream! The silver Cesa 1882 boasts a prestige that comes from afar. They found a place on the tables of kings and presidents, from the House of Savoy to the Quirinale, and have kept their charm and value intact over the years. The Cesa 1882 brand distinguishes products with an unmistakable style that stand out for their accuracy in details and high quality. The expertise of the silversmith masters of Cesa 1882 translates into refined and meticulous workmanship that makes each product made a precious piece to be collected. History It is in 1882, in Alessandria, that the story of Cesa begins, the most prestigious Italian brand of silverware. A fascinating story of art, tradition, style, quality, successes, clear ideas, entrepreneurial skills and creativity. In 1898 the "CESA cutlery" was created, a product characterized from the beginning by the utmost attention to high quality craftsmanship. Today, as 120 years ago, a CESA 1882-branded cutlery requires 38 processing steps to achieve the result of excellence. It is 1920 when, at the end of the First World War, with the return to the pleasures of good living and the taste for beautiful things, Cesa 1882 becomes the official supplier of the Real Casa Sabauda with the "Floral Rubans" service. It is the recognition of the prestige acquired by the brand. Since 1950 the most prestigious banquets held in Rome, at the Quirinale are served with cutlery and silverware Cesa 1882. From Mikhail Gorbachev to Queen Elizabeth of England, heads of state and monarchs visiting our country, for over seventy years have lunch at the Quirinale on tables set with the "Quirinale" service. In 1988 Cesa 1882 acquires, from the owner family, the majority of the "Ricci Argentieri in Alessandria". With this acquisition a single Group is created that is at the top of the Italian silvery sector. In those same years, the company of Alessandria offers essays of its precious production in environments of the highest prestige such as the Hotel Excelsior in Venice and the Ristorante Savini in Milan, without giving up on the Orient Express, the train of beautiful women. Places where luxury, quality and joie de vivre are celebrated, in perfect harmony with Cesa 1882. The vitality of the company always finds new life in its original interpretation of everyday life, rejecting conformity and commonplaces. In 1994 Cesa 1882 finally became part of the Greggio Group, the first in Europe in the production of silver and silver alloy, maintaining the entire production cycle of its brands exclusively in Italy.
Cesa 1882

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Silver, Steel

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