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Pininfarina NPKRE01534 Cambiano Classic Ethergraf

Pininfarina NPKRE01534 Cambiano Classic Ethergraf

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Pininfarina NPKRE01534 Cambiano Classic Ethergrafc Cedar

Pininfarina NPKRE01534 Cambiano Classic Ethergraf Cedar is an indelible pencil with aluminum body and inserts in national walnut wood, and with the Ethergraf tip of Napkin, patented Made in Italy.

In addition, Pininfarina Cambiano Classic Ethergraf is contained in a national walnut wood box with a stylophore function, which also allows you to put the pencil inside or place it on the outside so that it does not roll.

Moreover, the obvious veins of the untreated wood, that characterize the body and the pencil case, make Pininfarina Cambiano Napking Classic Ethergraf a symbol of naturalness and longevity.

Lastly, it is a unique and inimitable tool suitable for those who want to be transported by the flavors of nature, as well as furnishing their desk with a touch of elegance.

This product is brand new and will be shipped with its packaging and its 2-years warranty.

Gioielleria Pavan guarantees the authenticity of all products on sale and the highest quality of all materials used in manifacturing.

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