Madonna Silver Icon Item

Madonna Silver Icon Item

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Madonna Silver Icon Item

 Madonna silver icon item, painted on wooden board.

First of all, the hand engraving, in the reproduction of the works, requires a deep respect for the meaning of the absolute value of the images.

In fact, the only means of expression is the sign or the trait, whose first virtue must be purity.

For this reason, these are the reasons why only expert hands, inspired by the masters of the past and comforted by the splendor of the precious metal, can obtain similar results of considerable artistic and cultural value.

Lastly, the icon measures 6,5 x 5,5 x 1,5 centimetres.

The product is brand new and will be shipped with its 2-years warranty.

Gioielleria Pavan guarantees the authenticity of all products on sale and the highest quality of all materials used in manifacturing.


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