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Silver objects

Silver Objects Online Shop

Silver objects online shop: fine items to furnish your home.

The collection includes silver objects of the best italian brands, including SovraniLeader Argenti and Greggio Argenti. They are companies that try to satisfy both the needs of the consumer with a more classic taste and the needs of the young and modern consumer.

Decorate your home with bowls, centerpiece and the most modern functional items, and also the antique silver objects which today are really rare!

Antique Silver Sugar Spreader

608,00€  547,20€
Save: 10%
Antique Silver Sugar Spreader Antique silver sugar spreader, a antibacterial and practical item of silverware. Lastly, the item measures 21 x 8... more info

Silver Cake Stand

650,00€  585,00€
Save: 10%
Silver Cake Stand Silver cake stand, a unique and rare item of silverware. Lastly, the cake stand has a diameter of 16,5 centimetres and is 9,5... more info

Maria Cristina Sterling Bowl

684,00€  615,60€
Save: 10%
Maria Cristina Sterling Bowl Maria Cristina Sterling Bowl, with silver details depicting the grape plant, useful as a fruit center or table... more info

Dutch Silver Wedding Cup

760,00€  684,00€
Save: 10%
Dutch Silver Wedding Cup Dutch silver wedding cup. Lastly, the cup measures 14 x 5 x 5  centimetres. The product is brand new and will... more info

Louis XV Silver Salt Shaker Reproduction

760,00€  684,00€
Save: 10%
Louis XV Silver Salt Shaker Reproduction Louis XV silver salt shaker reproduction. Lastly, the salt shacker measures 13 x 8 x 5 ... more info

Masini Clavis Collection Silver and Rubies Key

850,00€  765,00€
Save: 10%
Masini Clavis Collection Silver Gold and Cabochon Rubies Key Masini Clavis Collection  silver gold and cabochon rubies key, which is a limited... more info

Silver Cherub Candle Holder

918,00€  826,20€
Save: 10%
Silver Cherub Candle Holder Silver cherub candle holder. Lastly, the candelstick has a diameter of 11 centimetres and is 21 centimetres high. The... more info

Silver Bread Basket

945,00€  850,50€
Save: 10%
Silver Bread Basket Silver bread basket, a piece of silverware for everyday use, also ideal as a centerpiece. Lastly, the item has a diameter of... more info

Silver Jewelry Case

980,00€  882,00€
Save: 10%
Silver Jewelry Case Silver jewelry box that can also be used as a storage compartment. Lastly, the box measures 13 x 11,5 x 6,5 centimetres. The... more info

Silver Ice Bucket

985,00€  886,50€
Save: 10%
Silver Ice Bucket Silver ice bucket, a elegant and practical item of silverware. Lastly, the ice bucket's dimensions are 16 x 15 x... more info

Silver Storage Box

1.068,00€  961,20€
Save: 10%
Silver Storage Box Silver storage box with flowers in relief. Lastly, the bowl is 8 centimetres wide and 8 centimetres high. The product is... more info

Silver Centerpiece

1.940,00€  1.746,00€
Save: 10%
Silver Centerpiece Silver centerpiece, a piece of silverware that elegantly adorns your table. Lastly, the centerpiece measures 24,5 x 24,5... more info

Silver Ice Bucket Caviar and Silver Ice Bucket Vodka Casetti

2.050,00€  1.845,00€
Save: 10%
Silver Ice Bucket Caviar and Silver Ice Bucket with 6 Vodka Glasses Casetti Silver ice bucket caviar and silver ice bucket vodka with 6 shorts,... more info

Pumpkin Silver Storage Centerpiece

2.700,00€  2.430,00€
Save: 10%
Pumpkin Silver Storage Centerpiece Pumpkin silver storage centerpiece, a piece of silverware that can be used as a candy holder or in any other... more info