Watches Online Shop: items of the Best Brands

Watches online shop: items of the best brands.

The collection includes the most famous watches items in Italy and abroad. The materials used are of the highest quality and characterized by a refined design. Today you can find watches for every taste and need, and we'll help you in your purchase!

Among our watch collections you can find: hand chronometer, automatic watches, manual watches, quartz watches, eco drive watches, sportwatches, pocket watches, alarm clocks, wall clocks and desk clocks.

  • The quartz watch is a type of watch in which the measure of the passage of time is determined by the oscillations of a quartz crystal.
  • The automatic watch works with a mechanical movement with automatic winding, due to the kinetic energy released by the movement of the arm.
  • The manual watch requires constant care to guarantee continuous and correct operation.
  • The pocket watch is commonly referred to as "onion" or "onion clock". It is a type of small watch, suitable to be kept in your pocket.
  • The eco drive watch works with a mini-power system that captures and accumulates light and gives the watch months and months of battery life.
  • The sportwatch is a watch that allows you to do many things that you normally do with the phone. In fact it is a device, an extension of the screen of your smartphone that you have in your pocket.

Our collection also includes alarm clocks, wall clocks and desk clocks with a refined design and excellent performance!



Silver Earrings with Amber and Yellow Opal

Silver Earrings with Amber and Yellow Opal

120,00€  60,00€
Save: 50%
Settecento Style Bottle Opener

Settecento Style Bottle Opener

85,00€  76,50€
Save: 10%
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