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The OUTLET collection includes models of numerous brands among the most famous in Italy and abroad at unbeatable prices, up to 70% off!

The materials used are of the highest quality and characterized by a refined and refined design.

Among the watches at outlet price there are modern models but also vintage watches, also very rare. These are new watches which, over time, have kept their charm intact and, often, have also acquired a greater value, which goes beyond the list price but that only enthusiasts can recognize.

Furthermore, among the jewels at outlet prices there are current collections at discounted prices or previous collections that remain unsold, but in perfect condition and always "current", such as OPS jewels! company OPSOBJECTS!

Great deals can also be made in silverware and accessories!

Gioielleria Pavan was born in 1969 and guarantees the authenticity of all the products for sale and the highest quality of all the materials used in the manufacture.